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Save money with our refurbished hearing aids available in Longview, TX

Anyone who's had to purchase hearing aids in the past knows the price can run pretty high. That's why choosing refurbished hearing aids is a great way to save on the equipment you need. Hearing Aids & Service offers refurbished hearing aids for affordable prices.

We work with Phonak and Signia manufacturers, two popular hearing aid brands. Whether you want brand-new or refurbished hearing aids, you can find them at our store.

Call now to learn more about the refurbished hearing aids we sell in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas.

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Reprogram your hearing aids to keep them working for you

As time passes and your hearing changes, you'll need to make sure your hearing aids can keep up. We offer hearing aid reprogramming to adjust your hearing aids as needed.

You might need hearing aid reprogramming if:

  • You hear whistling noises
  • The volume fluctuates
  • You've experience additional hearing loss
  • You feel pain or discomfort around your ear

Contact us today to ask about the hearing aid reprogramming we do in Longview, TX and the surrounding areas.